4 tips that will save your call centre

That providing a good customer service experience is important to achieve business success, everyone already knows. But what you may not know is how to make it happen.

The call centres are certainly a necessary means of communication between consumer and company, and responsible for projecting the image of the brand. But, following plastered script standards, with poorly qualified professionals and, consequently, without autonomy to solve the demands, end up providing a less than satisfactory experience to the customer.

So, how to break away from this pattern and improve the quality of your switchboard? Here are 4 tips to help you in this mission:

1 - Invest in a qualified team or in the qualification of yours. 

Offer knowledge, techniques and train their skills. The greater their understanding of the processes and how to conduct them, the more autonomy they will have to solve the nuggets that come to them.

2 - Offer more than one communication channel.

Online customer service is a great option if conducted by a human (bots have their place as we've talked about here). Through chat, you can meet the need of those who do not wish to call to seek solutions. In addition to providing more agility, it also avoids the congestion of the central offices.

3 - Treating your customer with exclusivity and welcoming them as if they were unique.

Showing interest in listening to them, offering personalized and flexible solutions, respecting and valuing their particularities, and considering their dissatisfactions as insights for improvement, these are ways to make them feel important. Besides promoting an excellent service, you can bring to the company a more detailed view of the needs of each consumer, allowing future personalized offers.

4 - Deliver a respectful onboarding.

Talking about the brand and how the hired product or service works, providing tips and clarifying as much information as possible, reduces the consumer's need to contact the company to solve doubts or difficulties and, consequently, the service provided at the support center will be more qualitative, since the demand will be lower.

Including these points in your company's service routine are simple but effective steps to start providing a positive experience to your customer. Thinking about improving customer service is thinking about improving sales results. Therefore, do not give up on applying strategies like these, which will inevitably impact on brand perception and the sale of your product or service.


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