How to keep the new customer after Black Friday?

You must have already felt in the flesh with your company, or read the most acclaimed phrase of the father of marketing, Philip Kotler: "Winning a new customer costs between 5 and 7 times more than keeping a current one". Therefore, preparing to optimize sales on Black Friday is essential, but this needs to come along with the after-sales. About this flow, some hacks need to be well aligned with your team and your corporate routine.

The sale does not end when the customer makes the purchase, on the contrary, the buying journey must continue in order to provide a delightful experience. So, value and retain your customer.

Follow up on delivery of the product if it's a product or welcome it at onboarding if it's a service. A personalised email marketing or even a direct contact for services or a personalised written letter next to the product are ways to welcome you warmly.

Maintaining active and accessible communication channels allows for the consolidation of confidence in the purchasing decision, since in case of doubts or problems the customer can speak to someone who represents the company.

This also implies one or several professionals dedicated to customer support. Selling is a relationship. After-sales means maintaining that relationship which was chosen by the customer through the act of buying. 

E-mail marketing is a tool to keep your clients informed about news, offers and themes that interest them within your brand's universe. Use it as your ally, allow the customer to indicate whether he/she wants to receive it and make it an efficient means to be remembered in a personalized manner. Just pay attention to the frequency! It makes no sense to remind him every day to remember your brand, leave that to other tools (social networks, perhaps).

You need to keep in mind that Black Friday is an effective tool for acquiring new customers, but it cannot be the main strategy for your business.

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