SAC: when to outsource?

We have already spoken here, how good customer service is a determining factor in the success of a business, since it is a form of direct contact (sometimes the first contact after a sale or hiring) and thus carries the responsibility of projecting the image of the brand for those who buy or hire.

If your company offers a SAC or an effective, resolutive, humanized, empathic and facilitated support, the consumer's perception will be positive, even if "niggles" arise in the use of some product. But if he is not well received, he may easily forget any differential that your brand offers and look for similar competitors who can solve his problems, besides becoming a possible detractor of your business. That is why it is so important to invest and take care of this service.

But, it is not so simple to implement and manage a sector specialised in customer service sector within a company. The cost of equipment, staff recruitment, training and tools for data security can be very high and yet inefficient. And, of course, to remain with excessive expenses that do not generate positive return can bring great damage not only to the financial but also to the company's reputation.

It is in this context that small, large and medium-sized companies seek alternatives to assist in this management. So, we brought 3 main characteristics that will help you to identify that it's time to outsource your time to outsource your support operation:

  • Demand for efficiency and productivity 

Outsourcing this service means putting it in the hands of a specialist company, which can optimise service time and increase the level of effectiveness, as it has teams qualified in consumer relations and trained in accordance with the demand and culture of the brand they represent, generating autonomy to solve all or part of your customers' problems.

  • Need to reduce costs

Having a company responsible for your company's support means having a single cost and contract. Expenses with employees, tools, software and other needs to set up a support operation will be exclusive to the outsourcer. Thus, the company can direct its investments to internal sectors which cannot be outsourced and which work directly on the quality of the service or product they offer. 

  • Interest in offering several service channels

Offer more than one contact channel directly impacts on the agility of problem solving, since it avoids congesting the central offices. A company specialised in customer relationship can provide quality service through various means, which brings even more positive results in the customer experience.

If you identify any of these needs in your company, it's time to put this service in the hands of experts and ensure your customers receive quality service. 

If you believe your company is at that moment, schedule a conversation with our team and we can help you.

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