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With a focus on solving problems and resolving customer pain, our goal is to generate a positive experience for our clients’ customers and also to offer a strategic vision of the customer service and sales generated.


Engaged prospecting with prior study of the lead’s profile and needs


Construction, execution, routine follow-ups and CRM updates

Support and After Sales

Humanized support focused on the solution and the customer experience

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b2b list generation


operations setup





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Contratei o serviço da Scooto com objetivo de prospectar clientes PJ em 2020. Fiquei bem impressionada com o profissionalismo da Scooto. Disparavam muitos e-mails por dia pra fazer prospecção fria, de forma humanizada, acompanhada por testes de Copys. Conseguimos trabalhar por 8 meses com a Scooto e tivemos que parar o serviço, porque geramos uma demanda reprimida, não conseguimos atender todos os clientes. Com o trabalho realizado, a gente triplicou o faturamento e o investimento que fizemos com a Scooto se pagou completamente. Em 2022, retornamos para o mesmo trabalho.

Manter um atendimento humano de alto nível quando se ganha escala tira o sono de muitos founders: com a Scooto consegui não só isto mas também a análise e interpretação de dados sobre a minha operação como um todo.

A qualidade do nosso atendimento estava caindo conforme a base de clientes crescia exponencialmente. A Scooto resolveu esse problema, trazendo não só alívio, mas dados, inteligência e insights

Com o grande crescimento acelerado, tinhamos a necessidade de oferecer mais especialidade e carinho aos alunos, agilizar o atendimento e continuar oferecendo uma experiência única para os nossos alunos. Rapidamente, começamos a implementar a Scooto na nossa empresa e foi transformador, porque agora o time de CX conseque pensar de forma estratégica. As Scooteiras são muito comprometidas e os valores da empresa se encaixam com os nossos. Por mais que sejam uma empresa terceirizada, a gente considera as Scooteiras parte do nosso time.

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We go through the lead’s entire journey, getting in touch after studying their profile in order to have an engaged prospecting conversation and checking that your company’s product or service solves what the lead wants.

In this service, we generate demands through a B2B list, contact, follow up and qualify the leads contacted, as well as directing them to the focal point who will make the sale. For B2C prospecting, the client provides their own list and Scooto follows the lead’s journey through the sales pipeline.


We identified strategies for activating leads, executing a follow-up routine and updating the CRM in an organized manner. If necessary, we can identify process improvements and provide solutions to optimize results.

Support and After Sales

With full knowledge of the product or service, we offer a humanized service, bringing the best solutions within the scenario presented.

Accompanying the customer journey, answering questions, solving problems so that they have resolutive support even after purchasing the product.

Support can be one of the stages in the sales process and is an opportunity for customer loyalty and referral of your product or service.


Infoproducers, online schools, companies that are launching courses or validating their Product Market Fit will benefit from this Scooto product.

Here, you will have flexibility in the period of employment, being able to have a team for a fixed period according to your Launch project. In other words, hiring on a one-off basis with a mix of professionals who meet the needs of your project with defined deadlines and a start, middle and end date.


The aim of this service is to collect unpaid customers and ensure the company’s profitability. To this end, collection works on two fronts: regularization of the financial default, allowing payment to be made on time in order to continue with the contract; or credit recovery, in which the default is ended by considering that client as a potential buyer.

In both cases, the approach needs to be friendly and humanized, after all, the focus here is to make it possible for the customer to still have a positive experience in this time of crisis and maintain their relationship with the company.


We carry out a study to understand the market’s response to the product or service put to the test. Market size, existing demand, competitors and quality research using a questionnaire to evaluate the company and its customers.


To make your company thrive, having a solid customer base is essential. But do you know how to find them? Through the LDR (Lead Development Representative) we generate a B2B list of Outbound leads aimed at cold active prospecting.

The strategy starts with the search for leads (what we call pre-qualification) through to the production and delivery of a list with the customer profile your company needs.
There are three types of list:

– Outbound List: Provided by Scooto;
– Inbound List: Provided by the Client and enriched by Scooto;
– Mixed List: Inbound + Outbound.

Hiring an LDR team brings numerous advantages such as Qualifying leads, Generating sales opportunities and Increasing the sales team’s results.


Every company needs to constantly analyze the market in which it operates. Looking at your competitors or benchmark brands is an effective way of improving processes and strategies and shortening the path. Benchmarking does this for you. With this market research, your company will be able to analyze the competition or brands that are a benchmark in your market segment in order to adjust efficient strategies and processes that really fit the reality of your business as it adapts to your context.

We offer market research with a presentation of the branding profile, price and acquisition channels, as well as details of the service of each of the brands researched, or even processes. All based on data.

By analyzing your strongest competitors or the leading organizations in your market segment, Scooto detects the best practices applied and tested for your company. This allows you to learn new things and cut corners in the growth of your business.


We prepared a report in addition to the benchmarking studies, mapping the main objections, difficulties and opportunities. The central objective of the mapping is to get closer to the ICP and, consequently, improve CAC, ROI and direct conversion, with a 360 approach.

*Complete solutions contain this study as a result of the operations


If your company has tools, CRM and systems that aren’t working to their full potential, Operational Setup will help you implement the CRM structure to make this happen.

With this product, your business will have our curation to create flows in Pre-sales, Sales or Support operations within 10 calendar days of the start of your project.

After implementation, over the course of 45 days, training is provided for the team responsible for operation, as well as three checkpoint meetings for advice, improvements and feedback.



Scooto is a remote customer relationship center. This means that whenever someone needs to talk to your company, we can help. Our operations include pre-sales (SDR and lead qualification), sales (inbound and outbound) and after-sales (customer service, support, billing, retention, research, etc.) via chat, voice, e-mail and social networks.

Scooto helps companies improve their customers’ experience with the brand, with a focus on humanized and effective service. We work on qualifying leads, converting them into sales, customer support, 24-hour reception, customer service via social networks, quality research and collection.

We turn customer relations into qualified and strategic work for companies. In its operations, Scooto focuses on the customer in favor of the solution, which allows it to achieve results above the market average. All of this is backed up by important data for improving the company’s strategies.

Your operation can only have one Scooteira, if this is within Scooto’s action plan to achieve the necessary results outlined by your company.

The operation is not just run by Scooteira, but also by a Project Manager who monitors her performance and assists the operation.

Our onboarding takes place within 24 hours.

However, the timeframe may vary if more than five positions are hired, depending on administrative, operational and training demands with Scooteiras.

The minimum contract period for complete sales, SDR and support projects is three months. This period is necessary because each operation has its own learning curve. We need the volume generated in three months to create specific and assertive strategies for the results expected from the contract.

But we also work on specific projects such as launches, benchmarking, business intelligence curation, operations setup and B2B list generation.

The best way to relate to your customer is the human way.

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