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By combining human and artificial intelligence in sales and support, we achieved a result 40% above the market.

With a focus on customer experience, we use data analysis strategies to transform customer service into a business intelligence service.

Marina Vaz

Founder and CEO

You have a team of 10 people to meet all the expected demand with contact channels being e-mail, chat and telephone…

The company starts another working day and the team you hired to sell
and meet, does not deliver expected results

The demands come back and the work only doubles. More stress…

Rework, lack of management and resolution, business intelligence to deal with high demand and seasonality,

…these are some of the challenges you face in selling with your service team.

Noticing this gap in companies, Scooto tested and proved that…

…to achieve greater results than the market

the best way to serve customers (internal and external) is the human way !

It is by focusing on people that we attract qualified professionals to work in customer service and sales, and thus achieve the best results

Scooto is a customer relationship center

Our mission is to transform the relationship between people and companies through human and artificial intelligence in sales, prospecting and support based on data analysis and a focus on solutions.

To do this, we generate positive social impact

Hiring women only

We generate socio-economic impact

Officeless work model

Reducing the gender gap in the labor market

Our vision is to be a world reference in customer relations, focused on the people who hire us and work with us.

To this end, we cultivate indispensable values:


Surprising positively with relationships and service is Scooto's goal. We want to delight people by providing intelligent solutions.


Building an anti-racist environment means mobilizing to deal effectively with practices of discrimination or exclusion, setting defined targets for the inclusion of black women in leadership, with adequate pay and training for all. All of this on the road to historical reparations so that we can thrive in a just society.


This is the best way to learn and teach someone! Our development is done in practice, our management is done by example.


This is the best way to learn and teach someone! Our development is done in practice, our management is done by example.


Science has proven that it's not the strongest who survive, but those who adapt best to change. At Scooto, we lead change with courage and resilience


Communication is the most important tool in relationships, so sincerity and responsibility are the basis here.


We believe that the most sophisticated tool society has is humanization.

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In March 2023,
Scooto became a signatory to the UN Global Compact in Brazil
and took part in the Brazilian delegation to the 67th Commission on the Status of Women.

An important and historic moment for us, as we are in constant synergy with sustainable development objectives.

That’s why we’ve made a commitment to the They Lead 2030 Movement and the Race Movement, with a focus on achieving 57% black leadership in the company, which currently stands at 40%.

To find out more about us, take a look at our cases:

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And now you’re thinking: “does it make sense to have Scooto here in my company (or project)?”.

So, click on the Whatsapp symbol on the right and come and see if this partnership has any synergy.

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Women aged 18 and over, who can write and speak Portuguese. It is essential to have internet at home and a computer.

Scooto was born 100% remote and always will be.

Scooto’s hiring model is PJ, i.e. to work at Scooto you need to have an active CNPJ and issue invoices.

Wait for the next steps to go through the screening process, so that you have the chance to join the pool of PJs who are called upon according to their professional profile and that of the client. The contacts are made by the professionals who work at People.

Our positions are pre-sales, sales and after-sales.

No. You need a computer with access to a secure and efficient internet network.

No. To be hired by Scooto you must be at least 18 years old.

We’re very happy with the interest, but our hiring policy is 100% for women. Our aim is to be an agent of social impact through Scooto.

The first step is to register on our website and wait for our HR team to contact you when there is a vacancy that matches your profile. Remember that the HR team will contact you and that filling in your details with your experience is essential for the selection of your CV.

You will receive information about each stage by email: Portuguese test, search test, dynamics, interview with People and interview with the project manager.

We know that registering on the website can cause anxiety. But there is no forecast for the time between the stages. Once you have registered, your CV will be kept in our talent pool and will be screened according to the demand for vacancies.

Vacancies at Scooto are opened according to customer demand. Therefore, it is important to note that your registration is included in our talent pool for consideration in future opportunities. As soon as a vacancy arises that matches your profile, our team will contact you via the WhatsApp and e-mail addresses you provided when you registered.

Due to the high number of registrations, we would like to inform you that the recruitment process is temporarily suspended. However, if you are interested in joining our talent pool for future opportunities, we invite you to register via the following link :

At the moment, we are working on screening the women who have already registered for recruitment. We will continue to monitor our needs and create opportunities as necessary. If you are interested in joining our team, please register in the vacancy database for future opportunities via the link:

We understand that the process of applying for new opportunities can generate anxiety. However, it is important to note that, as the registration is for future opportunities, we do not set a specific deadline for responses. The process progresses according to customer demand and the match with the profiles of the vacancies available.

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